I am going to tell you about..

What AI is

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Let's talk about AI


I'm just joking lol (I'm sorry :p)

AI is..

(super)Roughly speaking, It's a brain of the robot.

Brain of the robot

Automize many things.

Automize many things

Solve problems.

Solve problems


and lot of things.

Brief history and practical aspect of AI



are the golden age of AI.
because this was also the age of the development of the computer.

practical aspect

When a person ask some question, the computer response a simple naive answer based on a decided pattern.

ask question

answer the question

Computer can't answer any patterns of questions.

difficult talk

difficult talk2


are the winter(ice age) of AI.
because of technical stagnation.


AI boom came in.
because of the increase in the demands for automization of many things


AI winter came in again.
because of the money problems and historical background.


Many practical results have been produced.

such as..

  • Commodity recommendations
  • Decision-making system for doctors
    Decision making system
  • Watoson(IBM AI)defeated the quiz champions
    Watoson defeated champions
  • and many, many things.

What I think about the future of AI

No difference between them.
Man and AI
What do you think of that?

There are not only mathematical or computer science's story, but also philosophical or ethical story.

If you interested in AI, check it out those!

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